Homeopathic remedy

2. Solution without alcohol 

( for 1-2 weeks)

If you do not wish to use alcohol, you can prepare water solution:

Take 5 globuli to 2 dl pure water in a closable glass bottle, and store it in a cool place.

Administration of the water solution

If not advised on another way, every day have 1 sip (generally with C30 potency).

Use the remedy preferably morning and ten minutes away from eating/drinking/cleaning teeth.

If homeopathic solution was prescribed for you, you can prepare the solution on two ways: with conserving alcohol or without alcohol.

1. Solution with alcohol (for 1-2 months)

Buy in a pharmacy:

the prescribed homeopathic remedy (Boiron 4 gram or Remedia 1 gram vial)

- a 10 ml or 20 ml dark brown glass bottle with dropping closure top

- a bottle of 70% ethanol (medicinal alcohol), cc. 50 gram

Pour to the dark bottle a water-ethanol mixed liquid, until the half of fit. The mixed liquid should be 1/3 ethanol+2/3 pure water. Dissolve 5 globuli of the remedy in the bottle liquid. This will be your "mother solution".

Administration of the mother solution

If not advised on another way, every day take 5 drops of mother solution into 2 sips of water in a glass, stir it and drink it slowly (generally with C30 potency). Shake well the mother solution each day.

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